Milena Alexandrova here, your B2B/tech copywriter. 

I write kick-ass copy & in-depth articles that help you get more traffic—and sell more. 

Do you need powerful text for your website that gets your visitors to take action?

Do you find it challenging to translate complex ideas into succinct, engaging and easy-to-understand web copy?

Do you struggle to describe your products to your customers? 

Unsure who your ideal customer is?

I can help you with any of those things.

I’m a web copywriter & content writer with a strong B2B backgroundI write compelling, well-researched articles, website copy, social media posts, manuals, and many other types of content. Want to hire me? Let’s talk.

I have embarked on a mission to help companies get their ideas out there – and be understood by their customers, 100% of the time. No matter how complex the topic is.  

If you’re still wondering what copywriting is, here‘s my take on it.

I strongly believe in transparency, which is why I’ve included pricing information on my website – to get an idea of how much I charge, head on to the Services & Pricing tab.

I live in Paris and I’m fluent in English, French and Bulgarian – so I can write your copy in either of those languages. I have worked on a variety of copywriting projects in different industries and niches, ranging from cosmetics to software integrations.

I can help you define your voice, style and brand identity, so you can better connect with your customers—and, ultimately, sell more.


Contact me now and we’ll schedule a quick call.